Dear 057-HHG

Dear 057-HHG, When you drove with your right blinker on, in rush hour traffic, for over three miles I thought you were a little old lady. Therefore I gave you the benefit of the doubt. Dear 057-HHG, When you realized that you suddenly and desperately needed to be in my place in my lane (despite […]


Life is funny, don’t ya know? Here’s why I figure. I am a baker. Not an amateur or even intermediate baker. I’m an advanced baker (or at least that’s what I tell myself). Yet…. I failed at making bread in a bread machine. Isn’t it ironic? (Don’t ya think?) A little too ironic. (Yeah, I […]

Thankful: Day 26

Friday, November 26th I am thankful that there is nothing I need badly enough to ever make me shop on Black Friday. Why people? Why? What a greedy society we are. It’s sickening. Last year people died, this year someone was stabbed? People are getting robbed in parking lots, elbowed by angry shoppers not to mention it totally […]

Plastic Wrap

Would you like to hear something slightly pathetic and very sad? Of course you do. Why else would you be reading my blog? The other day I was chatting with a friend at work and realized that the most entertaining story I had to contribute to the conversation was that I had gone to Sam’s Club the previous night and purchased 3,000 feet of […]

Potty Training

I’ll admit, I’m not really known for following things through, but can I pay someone to come finish potty training my daughter? And by pay I mean, compliment profusely and give baked goods. I just don’t understand it. She was doing so well for so long and then boom –  she has no motivation and […]

Public Courtesy

People, people – I am disappointed that I even have to bring this up. Your parents, spouse, spawns, friends or even co-workers should have had an intervention with you about this already. Since they have not it’s now my place to publicly shame you. Cleaning earwax out of your hairy ears is not appropriate conduct for public places. What’s […]