Brinley’s Agenda

7:30 AM – Break and hide mom’s glasses. She’ll really get a laugh out of finding them under the bed after blindly searching for over an hour. I am awesome. 7:45 AM – Pour mouthwash into the dog’s kennel. Their dental hygiene is severely lacking. 7:50 AM – Unpack all of my dresser drawers. Mom […]

I Spy…domestication.

I feel like a school marm. Or maybe even a grown-up mom. Either way…it’s strange. What’s even more strange is that I found myself having a grand old-time. I made my daughter an “I Spy” album made up of her toys, clothes and everyday items. I saw the idea on I Can Teach My Child […]

Monster Cookies

Monster cookies. Ever heard of them? They have an alias of the Kitchen Sink cookie, because you put nearly every awesome ingredient except the kitchen sink in them. Monster cookies – what better cookie is there to be made with a toddler that’s about to turn three years old herself? This is the perfect recipe […]

Thankful: Day 10

Wednesday, November 10th Tonight I’m thankful for the little moments of bliss that parenting provides. Tonight I will spend all night in the recliner with a sleeping, feverish, congested toddler. Her congestion is so severe that she sounds like a purring tiger. This poor kid. Just can’t catch a break. I’m thankful that I am […]

Potty Training

I’ll admit, I’m not really known for following things through, but can I pay someone to come finish potty training my daughter? And by pay I mean, compliment profusely and give baked goods. I just don’t understand it. She was doing so well for so long and then boom –  she has no motivation and […]

Life Lessons from Target

Target has started a new coupon system in the past few months. It analyzes your purchase and then spits out coupons that are based off of the products you bought. A few nights ago I made a late night run to Target for some diaper cream for Brinley. In return the machine gave me a […]