Dear Daughter,

  What a year it has been for you! You have become a big sister for the second time, started using your whole hand to show people how old you are, began going to school, played your first team sport, got your first fish, painted your own bedroom, cut your own hair and began picking […]

Butter for boogers

Hey. Hi. Sup? Oh, nothing much. Just chillin’. Cool. Yeah. Update Alert: I am now a stay at home mom to three (that’s correct three children). Not much has changed except everything. The basics are all the same though.  I am still awesome (and very humble.) Sarcasm is still as sharp as ever. I am […]

Brinley’s Agenda

7:30 AM – Break and hide mom’s glasses. She’ll really get a laugh out of finding them under the bed after blindly searching for over an hour. I am awesome. 7:45 AM – Pour mouthwash into the dog’s kennel. Their dental hygiene is severely lacking. 7:50 AM – Unpack all of my dresser drawers. Mom […]

Dear 057-HHG

Dear 057-HHG, When you drove with your right blinker on, in rush hour traffic, for over three miles I thought you were a little old lady. Therefore I gave you the benefit of the doubt. Dear 057-HHG, When you realized that you suddenly and desperately needed to be in my place in my lane (despite […]

I Spy…domestication.

I feel like a school marm. Or maybe even a grown-up mom. Either way…it’s strange. What’s even more strange is that I found myself having a grand old-time. I made my daughter an “I Spy” album made up of her toys, clothes and everyday items. I saw the idea on I Can Teach My Child […]

I know you’re a fruit tart but what am I….

So here’s the deal. I’ve been trapped in doors thanks to blizzards for the past two weeks. I’ve eaten a bunch of terrible things the past two weeks. It’s now 70 degrees and sunny outside and I want something fresh and spring-like. Also it’s my brother-in-law’s birthday and he requested a fruit tart. Win. Win. […]