It’s been said again and again that Stay-at-Home-Moms wear a lot of hats. We handle a lot and we do it because we love our children and our husbands, and because we like to sit and eat bon-bons while we watch our stories.

Well it’s true; there are some days that I just don’t do that much. I will spend my day reading a book in the corner of the sofa or writing for hours on end because I recognize that I need to spend sometime doing what I want. Let’s be honest, if you don’t get a chance to delve into what you enjoy once in a while you will become a raging madwoman. So, for the sake of my sanity I have to take breaks. I regret it only a little bit afterwards when I see the mess that has been left in their wake but whatever. Messes can be cleaned up, sanity can’t.  

What do the children do during these times of mommy solitude? 
They happily and willingly do the following: 

Annihilate the house
Bleed randomly
Color on the walls
Dump pretzels on the floor
Eat everything in the craft drawer
Fight club
Get bruises in inexplicable places
Hide wallets, keys, purses, etc.
Jump off furniture (see Get bruises in inexplicable places)
Karate chop bananas on the floor
Lick the yoga mat
Miss the toilet
Nuke pennies in the microwave
Open holiday presents
Paint Anarchy A’s on the furniture (true story)
Quietly cut one another’s hair
Recite every bad word that’s ever been let slip in their presence – ever
Tuck food into unreachable crevices of the sofa
Undress nine times per day
Very innocently blame their actions on the youngest sibling
Wash themselves with toothpaste
X out all the days on the calendar – for the entire year
Yank the cat’s tail
Zebra stripe themselves with eyeliner (read: Sharpie).

In the long run take a day for yourself. Turn on Daniel Tiger, set out a bowl of Cheerios and a cup of milk and spend some time on you. You’re worth it. And so are they.



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