Butter for boogers

Hey. Hi. Sup? Oh, nothing much. Just chillin’. Cool. Yeah.

Update Alert:

I am now a stay at home mom to three (that’s correct three children). Not much has changed except everything. The basics are all the same though.  I am still awesome (and very humble.) Sarcasm is still as sharp as ever. I am still being outwitted by Brinley. I still pray for the sanity and ability to make it through every single day and I am still baking.

Okay well all of that is true except for that last one. I don’t bake anymore. I know. Crying shame. I have a good reason, I swear. I have gone hippy on you all. Yup. We’ve gone and done it. We are clean eaters now. What does that mean? All that I know really is that I am no longer making giant batches of buttery soft pretzels, gooey cinnamon rolls, decadent cupcakes or mind blowing cookies. I know. Take a moment and grieve with me. Why, Becki?  Why would you abandon butter after all it has done for you? Mainly cause it feels a hell of a lot better to not eat like that. Secondly, because my eldest daughter and my husband have ADD and it is in their best interest to eat clean. We avoid added sugars, bleached flour, all food coloring, preservatives and any ingredients that we cannot pronounce. We’ve said adios to pork and beef and now only eat chicken, turkey and the ocassional fish. (Do you realize that means no butter or bacon? Just take a second and think about that for me. If you aren’t crying or deeply appalled then I don’t think you have fully grasped the depth of this change.)

Essentially life is busier than ever but I never seem to get anything done.  So naturally this is the perfect time to start blogging again. Right? That’s the sane thing to do.

So for now there will be less butter and more boogers. Less carbohydrates and more cynicism. Less powdered sugar for more patenting stuff. Essentially,  way less delicious but drastically more relatable. Hopefully.



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