Brinley’s Agenda

7:30 AM – Break and hide mom’s glasses. She’ll really get a laugh out of finding them under the bed after blindly searching for over an hour. I am awesome.

7:45 AM – Pour mouthwash into the dog’s kennel. Their dental hygiene is severely lacking.

7:50 AM – Unpack all of my dresser drawers. Mom needs to see all of my clothing options for the day. Educated decisions are the only option to dressing.

8:00 AM – Put mom’s earbuds in the dog water. These things need a good washing.

8:10 AM – Unload the drier for mom. Poor girl seems a bit frantic this morning.

8:15 AM – Put all the knick nacks within reach in the dishwasher. Who knows when the last time these picture frames and zip ties were steam cleaned.


One thought on “Brinley’s Agenda

  1. Trying (unsuccessfully) not to giggle, and thinking back to the day that my own mother wished “three of me” on me after I had had a “Brinley-esque” morning. While I can’t guarantee that that wish/curse (?) had any bearing on my permanent, child-free state, I can’t completely rule it out either…
    When you’re ready to be nominated for sainthood, I’ll draw up the papers and send them in.

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